Rich Norris

Assistant Principal / Business Owner

Rich Norris  is the assistant principal at 360 High School in Providence, Rhode Island. Prior to this role, Rich served as a school counselor at at Dr. Jorge Alvarez HS in Providence. Rich has been a strong advocate for positive youth and family development through locating various resources including mental health and medical. He has worked to support young people obtain internship, mentors, visits colleges, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, and community service. As a school counselor he worked tirelessly for the advancement of young people through higher education.

Rich has been a part of developing various initiatives, including founding the Gentlemen’s Academy, which is a young men’s school and community based leadership academy. He was instrumental in forming and organizing 300 Men, a group dedicated to adult male development and community advocacy for youths and families.

He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor in history and education. He later earned his master degree in school counseling from Providence College.

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